Recent Sunrise Shoots

Recently, Ive been spending much more time shooting sunrise images, and am loving it. The eagerness to get to a location in the complete dark, and then getting to experience the landscape sort of awaken, in very rewarding. Ive been experimenting with many different techniques both with shooting, and post processing. If anyone would ever like to ask questions, remember all you have to do it message me, and ill be happy to answer any!

Astrophotography In The Mountains

Living in North Carolina in a region where light pollution is fairly manageable to capture the stars, I still never knew there where any places right at home where I could capture this level of beauty. For this first image, I went on a short hike in the dark, in Graveyard Fields, just on the parkway. now I am not scared of the dark in any sense, but when you are alone in the middle of the mountains, at night, the mind starts playing tricks on itself. I managed to avoid the fear of whatever may lurk in the dark, and capture some fairly decent astro shots. Very pleasing to me!

Photo Sep 17, 8 50 47 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 17, 10 16 26 AM.jpg